70,000,000 WordPress sites in the World

There are over 70,000,000 wordpress sites in the world today.

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How to Jailbreak: The Step by Step Process

The video above will show you how the whole process works, both on your computer and your iOS device. The video depicts the jailbreak process for iOS 4.3.1 but it is identical to the process for iOS 4.3.3 (and 4.3.2, for that matter). Here are the individual steps:


Before getting started, make sure you are running iOS 5.0.1, as this jailbreak will only work on iOS 5.0.1 and not 5.0.0. If you’re still running 5.0.0, update to 5.0.1. Also, be sure your iDevice does not run on an A5 chip. (This means iPad 2s and iPhone 4S’.) Any earlier device that can run iOS 5.0.1 should work just fine. (This means the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPad 1, iPod touch 3G, and iPod touch 4G.)


Download redsn03 0.9.10b1 for Mac OS X or Windows.


Turn off your iDevice, connect it to your computer, and open up the redsn0w application.


On the redsn0w application window you’ll see a Jailbreak button. Click it. You’ll be told you’ll need to put your iDevice into DFU mode and to click the Next button when ready. When you are ready, go ahead and click it.


Hold down the power button at the top of your iDevice for three (3) seconds. Next, continue holding down the power button but also hold down the home button for a total of 10 seconds. Finally, let go of the power button but continue holding down the home button for another 15 seconds, or until redsn0w changes screens and tells you it’s exploiting your device for the jailbreak.


Once redsn0w has finished doing its business, it’ll ask you what you want to do for this jailbreak. By default, only Cydia will be checked. Most of the other options are irrelevant, but you might want to check Enable multitouch gestures if you want additional multitouch gestures on your iPhone or iPod touch.


Wait a few minutes for the jailbreak to finish and for your iDevice to reboot. Once it has booted, you’ll see the Cydia icon on your home screen (although it may not be on the first page, so look around). Open it up and you’ll have access to a bunch of jailbreak hacks.

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Delete old versions of Chrome

Google Chrome keeps old versions of the browser on your PC, which eventually can take up a lot of space.

Just download OldChromeRemover, run it once, and it’ll delete all those old Chrome versions (and tell you how many there were). It’s handy to have around in your portable apps folder just in case you need a bit of extra space on your C: drive.

OldChromeRemover is a free download, Windows only. Note that if you use multiple Chrome versions, like Canary and Stable, you don’t want to use this, as it will delete one of them. Only use this if you have one version of Chrome installed.

To download OldChrome Remover simply visit – http://shanegowland.com/software/2012/oldchromeremover-module/

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Facebook EdgeRank and GraphRank Explained

You want to make the most of your business’ Facebook page, but when you start reading articles with phrases like “time decay,” “Facebook EdgeRank algorithm,” and “affinity variable,” your eyes glaze over and you click the “Back” button on your browser as quickly as possible. However, if you truly want your social media marketing to reach your audience and convert browsers into buyers, you need to understand Facebook’s EdgeRank and GraphRank. What follows is a non-techie explanation of Facebook EdgeRank and GraphRank, and how to apply your new understanding to improve your Facebook page’s impact on your business.

What is Facebook EdgeRank?

The average Facebook user has a lot of Facebook friends and follows plenty of Facebook pages. If every single action of a friend showed up in a user’s News Feed, that user would be totally overwhelmed. In order to optimize a user’s News Feed, a formula called Facebook EdgeRank was created. Facebook EdgeRank decides what’s most important to display in the News Feed. If Facebook EdgeRank decides it’s not important, then it gets dropped off the Feed – very bad news for a business owner who isn’t getting much Facebook interaction from fans and wants his or her brand to stay in the forefront of people’s minds.

There are three basic components to the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm: Affinity, weight, and time decay.

“Affinity” refers to the user’s relationship with the item’s creator. For example, if you have an old acquaintance whose Facebook profile you haven’t visited in two years, they would have a very low affinity ranking. If you have a significant other whose profile you visit every day, they would have a very high affinity ranking. This is good for Facebook EdgeRank.

“Weight” combines what the item is and how it’s being interacted with. As for the “what,” videos, photos, and links are generally considered to have the highest weight. In other words, if a fan views a video on your page, this will score far more points in Facebook EdgeRank than if they simply visit your page.

The other component to Facebook EdgeRank is how the item is being interacted with. A “Like,” for example, gets less weight than a comment.

“Time decay” refers to how recent the item is. Old news drops out of the news feed, so newer items are more likely to appear on a feed than older items. Understanding this, to increase your Facebook EdgeRank, post your links, comments, and photos at times when your users are most likely to be logged in to Facebook.

Strategies to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank

Now that you understand the basics of Facebook EdgeRank, how do you increase the likelihood that your products or services will appear in as many of your fans’ News Feeds as possible? Here’s a hypothetical story to give you some ideas.

Meet Joe. Joe is an independent filmmaker who’s trying to create some buzz around his latest documentary about french fries. He’s got over 1,500 fans, but he hasn’t posted anything in a while, so he suspects he might have dropped off the News Feed for many of them. He decides not to immediately jump into promoting his french fry film. First, he sets out to increase his Affinity score. He starts a few controversial surveys on his page and encourages readers to comment. All those comments increase his page’s Weight and hence his Facebook PageRank. He asks a few direct questions of his fans to start conversations, which also bump up his Affinity score. Then he starts posting still pictures from his new documentary, and since photos have higher Facebook EdgeRank, his weight score goes up again. Only after working on improving his score with his fans for a couple of weeks is he ready to release the trailer for his movie. If he didn’t put in the extra time to build his Affinity and Weight and hence his Facebook PageRank, his movie trailer wouldn’t have reached nearly as many people.

What is Facebook GraphRank?

Now that you understand Facebook EdgeRank, let’s take a brief look at GraphRank. GraphRank is a subset of Facebook EdgeRank that targets mainly Facebook app developers. In essence, GraphRank is designed to help Facebook users find apps that have been a hit with their friends. The more their friends appreciate a certain app, the more prominently that app will display in their News Feed.

GraphRank is good at determining whose opinion you are most likely to listen to. For example, your college roommate’s opinion from 1990 is going to have less weight than your best friend’s opinion, with whom you interact on Facebook every day. As your relationships with your Facebook friends change, what GraphRank displays will also change.

The GraphRank formula is different (but not much) from the Facebook EdgeRank formula. GraphRank takes into account Affinity, Weight, Interactions, and Time Decay. The Affinity score in this case is based not only on how much two users interact, but also how many common interests they have together.

Many of the same tips for increasing Facebook EdgeRank will help you to improve your GraphRank. For example, releasing your app at the right time is of critical importance to get people to pick it up right away. If you’re marketing an app to a bunch of night owls and you release your app at seven in the morning on a Sunday, this will not help you increase your GraphRank. Don’t just make an app and expect people to find it on their own. Now that GraphRank is around, that’s going to happen even less frequently than it did before.

An important distinction between Facebook EdgeRank and GraphRank

GraphRank only applies to apps. Pages are still ruled by Facebook EdgeRank. Therefore, unless you are an app developer, GraphRank is not something you need to be concerned about. Instead, focus your marketing muscle on improving your Facebook EdgeRank by reviewing and implementing the tips listed above.

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Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

There’s no question that mobile devices have become a staple in everyday living around the world. Now more than ever it’s important that websites be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement. It’ll give you an edge over the competition, too.

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Social Media in SEO

When most people start planning SEO for their website I can bet you a large proportion of them get stuck when it comes to really understanding what part social media has to play in SEO.

Social media often lags further down the priority list behind SEO for a variety of reasons, mainly a lack of clarity as to what benefits it will actually bring and the fact that it’s often difficult to relate a tweet or Facebook message to a return on investment whereas with SEO, for example, website owners can more easily attribute a growth in sales to new rankings for key-phrases.

However, the way that social media has evolved means that it now plays a much more important role in search engine optimization. Searches are now taking into account the reputation of websites as reflected in social media sites to determine rank.

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